Flora Dale School




The practical nuances of a healthy and scientific living experimented with at the Home Science Lab with focus on nutrition and balanced diet.


Our Physics Lab contributes to the development of precision, rational and analytical thinking and reasoning. Carrying out experiments with electrical, light, sound, magnet etc. They learn to make electricity connection in series, parallel to obtain sharp image by using concave and convex lenses. They also verify ohm's law with resistance base, voltammeter and ammeter. The aim of this lab is to make physics fun. Students acquire speed and accuracy in solving physics numerical


Chemistry Lab of the school encourages development of a scientific temper and sprit of enquiry & experimentation. It is spacious, airy and well equipped Lab with all required chemicals and apparatus with all modern design. The whole class can perform experiments of qualitative, quantitative and volumetric analysis. It aims at developing skills of observations and independent thinking.


Our Biology Lab aims at sensitizing students to the natural environment & the need to preserve mother earth. Biology lab is spacious airy and well equipped with many lively posters, models, skeleton, museum specimens etc. They learn to make temporary slides, section cutting, blood test related experiments, discussion of flower, leaf etc. In ecological part of the syllabus students planted many saplings to study the soil profile, water holding capacity to study the air pollution etc. It provides practical knowledge to the students.


Commerce Lab is a place where students learn practical knowledge about management with the help of different case study based on NCERT syllabus. Presentation on different topics of B.S, Eco & Account are undertaken with the guidance by different subject teachers with the help of OHP which increase their confidence level. In Commerce labs students read different magazines on marketing, advertising, finance, personnel management and gather knowledge about market and business world.


The Computer education occupies a prominent space in the school's curriculum. Computers have increasing potential as tools for innovative teaching and learning, therefore, the school has a high tech modern Computer Lab. It is well equipped with the latest machines, with LAN & Internet facility to cater to the needs of machine room sessions, thus giving students more exposure towards Information Technology.


The Laboratory method of teaching mathematics helps in achieving speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems and also helps in developing computational skills which are helpful in learning facts in geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic.

†             Math's Kit

†             Compass, Ruler, Divider, Scale, Protector

†             Geo Board.

†             Wood cubes, cuboids, wooden triangle, wooden geometrical shapes.

†             Square wooden board, nail with small heads.

Flora Dale School took another initiative by introducing Abacus classes in the direction of holistic development of its students. It introduced a course for brain development and Mental Arithmetic ability – ‘Abacus Plus’ and ‘Fun with Abacus’. Where the former caters to children from classes 2nd – 5th, the latter being a fun-filled activity based course caters to children of classes KG to 5th.