Flora Dale School


Established in 1988, Flora Dale School is the result of the humble vision of eminent educationalist Mrs. Indu Bhatia. The school is recognized by The Director of Education, Delhi Govt and affiliated to CBSE up to Senior Secondary in streams of Medical, Non Medical, Commerce and Humanities Science/Arts.

The institute is growing and striving to achieve its vision of becoming a respected Center of Learning and Continuous Development under the strong guidance and support of its Director, Er. V.K.Bhatia.

The institute is imparting exceptionally high quality education, knowledge and skills to the students and is providing right environment for overall grooming and personality development of youth, the lifeline of society.

The School is a trendsetter in providing quality education through the latest in educational aids and equipment and providing some unique amenities and facilities to create the proper ambience for study. These include:

Health & Wellness is the prime concern at FDS According to the World Health Organization health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health and wellness is paramount to success on our school campus. It affects every aspect of student’s day to day activities. For the purpose the FDS organized the regular health checkup for the students. The school also having the well equipped medical center which is managed by the well qualified doctors

Very high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Only the best quality of RO generated mineral water is served for drinking purposes and large no. of housekeeping staff employed to keep the premises spotless and clean.

The Pre- Primary section of school is fully Air-conditioning to protect children of tender age from air and noise pollution and to increase the efficiency of the students and teachers.

The schools is having its own fleet of luxuries buses equipped with speed governor and GPS so as to keep track on the location of buses

The school provides the utmost attention to safety and security of students and staff. Large number of security guards not only at the gates but spread all over the campus. A security guard accompanies each gate to ensure that children are handed over only to authorized persons. Embarkation and disembarkation into and from the buses is done inside the School premises and not on the road side.

The FDS has been equipped with video surveillance CCTV system to ensure safety and security for students, prevent outsiders from entering the school’s premises. These CCTV cameras are not only installed at common area but also inside the class rooms and  all this will be monitored from the control room and are enough capable to capture the images in pitch dark conditions and broad light day. Footage can be helpful to pupils, parents and teachers when an incident has taken place and a record is available of what happened. Monitoring of remote entrances into school buildings. Record surveillance of busy corridor queuing areas, busy corridor junctions. Provides school officials with information and evidence.

All this and many more feats achieved, we owe this achievement to the support, Co-operation and faith bestowed into us by dear parents. We thank you all to have made it possible